BS Find of the day. Pontiac G8 will not be ported into another brand like Chevy or Caddy.

Not as in fake but just something I find to be complete BS.  I find it so ironic that when Pontiac finally got it right, and I mean really right, the car lasts a few years and has no potential of survival in a different brand. CEO Fritz Henderson says “No chance” .

Fritz, I know the government has you by the twins but let’s be real here for a second. The G8 is the first runaway hit that Pontiac has had since Burt Reynolds was driving one. Let’s bring it back as a Buick. We’ll call it the Grand National paint all of them black and let the Zeta car resume dominance. The GXP will then be the GNX and life goes on and we’re all happy. 

Just my two cents but seeing BMW buyers go from a 5 series to a G8 is pretty convincing to me. Maybe he’ll change his mind and honor the retired Bob Lutz’s baby with a different name plate.

Here’s some more info:


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