Possible look into the future of America?

Doing a little reading this morning and it struck me how America is getting closer and closer to some of the European countries as we’re adopting some of their ideas like universal healthcare and other socialist ideas. My opinion is that this is what our future holds. If we keep gooing in the direction we’re headed it’s alomost certain.

Read this article and tell me what you think

Click Here for the article


4 responses to “Possible look into the future of America?

  1. Our future holds trying to fix the failures of the last 8 years. And, decreasing the cost of health insurance for all Americans. I assume you rather keep your same health insurance but pay less, correct?

    Al, read up – you have a lot of learning to do. And, turn off Fox News – it’s the hybrid between the cartoon network, WWF wrestling, and the National Enquirer.


  2. This is a difference on decreasing costs and nationalizing. I would gladly pay twice what I do for the benefits we have. Why? Because it’s worth it. I don’t want to linger on a list waiting for governemnt approval to get medical attention. It’s been proven that it does not work along with many other socialist idea’s.

    At least FOX does not have a vested interest in the administration like others do. The White House press core might as well be entertainemnet reporters at this point.

  3. You can keep your same insurance. No issue. Dude, read up!

  4. It’s easy to say that but everything you read is biased BS, so whats the point? I know what I believe to be right. That’s all. I don’t think careless spending is the key.

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