The New Chevy Equinox. Proof that GM can do it better than anyone else.

This is very exciting for me. The new Equinox sports great looks, best in class MPG’s, great handling, and great looks. This entry level SUV beats out every other vehicle in the class in most categories. For reference the Toyota Rav 4 returns 5 MPG less Highway making less power. Take a peek and let me know if you want one as we have several ordered right now!

The Best Entry Level SUV!


4 responses to “The New Chevy Equinox. Proof that GM can do it better than anyone else.

  1. It would have been awesome if this car hit the market in 2006/2007. Needs some grill/hood redesign in 2011.

  2. It would have but we didn’t have the DI technology then. It’s now developed to the point where we can squeeze 32-33 MPG out of a four cylinder making 188 hp. You have to agree that the Equinox does everything better than the competition and at a lower price point. Believe me, this is just scratching the surface of what is coming. đŸ˜‰

  3. Let’s get that hood/grill redesigned. But, I like it. Great starting point.

  4. Since that’s the new corporate face for Chevy, I think a redesign is a way off. See the Spark post for a comparison shot.

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