About Everything American

I wanted to combine all the things that I loved and symbolized America. Whether it’s the coolest iPhone app or newest concept car, I believe this will appeal to many.

Being in the auto industry, I’ll keep everyone update with the latest and greatest deals around. I’ll gladly offer advice for those who have questions about cars and purchasing them.

Clearly I’m a gear head and an auto enthusiast on every level. i will have to admit I am very much of a gadget and tech guy as well. I’ll hope to cover and review anything that I come in contact with regarding computers, phones, and any other cool tech stuff.

As far as politics goes, I’m more involved now than I ever have because of the impact it’s had on my life.  I promise that I will be fair on every issue. I find myself being more independant than anything.

I hope you enjoy my insights and I also hope to help out.

Alan “86vetteracer” Johnson


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