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The 2010 Taurus will impress the masses.

Very rarely do I get the gumption to do something like this but it seems appropriate. I do work at a GM dealer and am a long time GM guy but this is my review of the new Taurus. Enjoy.

Alright, today I got an opportunity to drive a new non-eco boost Taurus. I work at a Chevrolet, Pontiac, and Buick dealer inside an auto group that has GMC, Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, and Hyundai. The GM from our Ford store is driving one and I took the helm for a few miles.

First off, what a stereo. If Ford has GM’s number in one category, it’s audio systems. Great high’s, clear mid’s, and undistorted bass. The Sync system is awesome as usual but still not up to par with onstar from the emergency services aspect. Otherwise, great system.

Styling- While it really won’t stir any emotions, it has great lines and a sexy stance. Wheels were nice, not overdone, well executed design. The HID headlights are very slick and illuminate everything quite well. All the other lights on the car are well appointed. The interior has a very attractive waterfall center stack that’s pretty ergonomic and easy to use and read. I have always been at odds with Ford on the clusters of buttons on the center stack. All look the same in shape, tactile feel, and color. If I could change one thing inside this car, that would be it. All of the French seam stitching in the interior is done quite well with a contrasting color thread. Over all i would rate the interior very high with the exception of a few niggles that have always grinded me with Ford.

Driving experience- It drove very well over bumps and outside noise was held to a minimum. The six speed trans does have a manual mode but one thing that kills me is that it’s not really a manual mode. You can select what gear you want, however, should you step into a little too much, and the car will take it upon itself to downshift for you. The car assumes that you don’t know what you want and it takes over. Epic fail, Ford. If you don’t want to make a manual mode, just make it a range finder and don’t put paddle shifters on it. Paddle shifter has an implication of performance and control. When you rip control away, you ruin the experience. In D the car drives very well and without surprise.

Other than a few small things, this is a great car to get around. Perfect for the small/medium family on a daily use basis. I did find the entrance on the driver side to be a bit narrow.6’3″ and this is not uncommon on a lot of vehicles, however, it seemed more noticeable on this car.

In conclusion I would say that this is a good competitor with the new Lacrosse. The Lacrosse seems to resonate luxury a bit more convincingly. For the $32K, I’m doing more research before I declare a clear winner.

A good plan to replace CAFE.

This is a good article and states everything I’ve been saying from day one. Although I’m not a fan of additional taxes, I may loathe CAFE regs that much more. We don’t need to mandate automakers to build crappy cars that people don’t want. The mini cars and hybrids don’t sell all that wel for many reasons. Punting CAFE would also allow GM to be independant earlier as well. I.E. no more taxpayer money. Sounds good eh?

Cafe rules suck!

How to Jailbreak your 2G and 3G Iphone!

Sweet! i’m happy to report that redsnow is a success! I’m surfing cydia as we speak. Download redsnOw and follow these directions. Check out the details below.

Jailbreak my iPhone!

Apple approves x-rated app. NSFW!

Maybe this is apple just trying to appeal to a different audience but this seems to be a cross between a joke and serious sexual deprevity. Everyone always joked about “Vibrate” mode on cell phones but this is taking it all the way with no shame. It’s a free app, so female iPhoners can get thier jollies for free. Click the jump to see my vibe.

This is NSFW. Thigh’s on review!

The best car sales movie since Used Cars and Suckers!

I just saw this and about died! This looks like a great movie that I can relate to very well. Check this out!

The Goods

The All New 2012 Government Motors Pelosi!

This is a bit extreme but there is alot of truth to it. It’s really just funny above all!

2012 Pelosi GT SRT SS Sport edition

Buick is no longer for the 75 and up crowd. This is not your Grandpa’s Buick. 2010 Lacrosse stands tall.

This is for ALL of those people who think GM is letting Buick die. Over the next 24 months GM will debut many more new or newly designed models. Right now the Buick line up is on the Lacrosse, Lucerne, and Enclave. It’s expected that Buick will end up with 7-9 models under the “New” leaner GM. The 2010 Lacrosse is stunning in every way. Most will liken it to a Lexus. Whether it’s beacuse of the looks or interior treatement, it’s definately a lot higher end than anyone would expect out of a car from GM.

2010 Lacrosse