The Chevy Spark is looking for a home Stateside. Michigan’s Orion Plant a possibility.

The Chevy Spark is the Survivor of the “Triplets” concept from a few years ago. There were three models brought forth and the Spark is what survived to go into production. This is a sub-compact that should be sweet on MPG’s and be a real low cost alternative for urban city folk that don’t need a Suburban to Traverse the streets. Hopefully the Spark will land in Orion and create some Michigan Jobs.

Sparks searches for a home


The New Chevy Equinox. Proof that GM can do it better than anyone else.

This is very exciting for me. The new Equinox sports great looks, best in class MPG’s, great handling, and great looks. This entry level SUV beats out every other vehicle in the class in most categories. For reference the Toyota Rav 4 returns 5 MPG less Highway making less power. Take a peek and let me know if you want one as we have several ordered right now!

The Best Entry Level SUV!

Breaking News!!! House passes Cash For Clunkers legislation!!!

I’m happy to bring this fantastic news to everyone. The cash for clunkers deal is done. Follow the link to get all the details. I will warn you that it’s not what it seems on the surface. You’ll get a voucher for whatever category you qualify for. There is no value of your vehicle beyond that voucher though. I will say I’ll give props to the government in being proactive on this account. If they keep it up we may just get out of this mess in one piece.

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Possible look into the future of America?

Doing a little reading this morning and it struck me how America is getting closer and closer to some of the European countries as we’re adopting some of their ideas like universal healthcare and other socialist ideas. My opinion is that this is what our future holds. If we keep gooing in the direction we’re headed it’s alomost certain.

Read this article and tell me what you think

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Apple Brings out the New iPhone 3G s

Well it looks like apple brought out another bomb. I will say that I don’t see a real reason to upgrade from a 3G but it is all the more reason to not get the Palm pre. I like the new price points but I’m mid-contract so that’s really a moot point for me.

They did bring some cool stuff out and they should sustain dominance in the touch/smartphone arena. I’m still staying jailbroken though!

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Iphone 3G and 3G s feature chart

Blast from the Past!

Those of you who have known me over the past ten years, know that I did attend and participate in an “Ugly Sweater” party. Our shendig was aptly named the “Cosby Sweater” party. I was surfing a friends blog,, and I stumbled across this gem buried deep within. Now, it was a great time and I’ll admit that, but the genius that started this blog deserves some serious props.

Ahh, fond memories of a College kid galavanting as a somewhat intoxicated Dr. Huxtible(?). Read on for a great and classic definition!

Cosby sweaters rule!

BS Find of the day. Pontiac G8 will not be ported into another brand like Chevy or Caddy.

Not as in fake but just something I find to be complete BS.  I find it so ironic that when Pontiac finally got it right, and I mean really right, the car lasts a few years and has no potential of survival in a different brand. CEO Fritz Henderson says “No chance” .

Fritz, I know the government has you by the twins but let’s be real here for a second. The G8 is the first runaway hit that Pontiac has had since Burt Reynolds was driving one. Let’s bring it back as a Buick. We’ll call it the Grand National paint all of them black and let the Zeta car resume dominance. The GXP will then be the GNX and life goes on and we’re all happy. 

Just my two cents but seeing BMW buyers go from a 5 series to a G8 is pretty convincing to me. Maybe he’ll change his mind and honor the retired Bob Lutz’s baby with a different name plate.

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