Hello one and all!

Well, I want to welcome anyone and everyone. I’ll be posting on cool gadgetry, automotive, racing, and maybe a little on politics. I wanted to have a diverse, fun, and informative site. I sometimes am not the best speller but I hope everyone can take something away from this. Enjoy!


2 responses to “Hello one and all!

  1. Al, nice work so far! Will write a blog post on BccList.com about your new blog and add it to my blog roll tomorrow.

    As you probably figured out, I use wordpress for BccList.com. Next time I’m in town – August – I’ll show you how to set your wordpress blog to go directly to http://www.86vetteracer.com.

    You’d think it would be easy but the wordpress forums/tutorials make it seem like a really difficult process.

    Few steps I can show you in-person: Register the 86vetteracer.com domain name with godaddy (I wouldn’t use any of the other domain name services), do a few things with the godaddy control panel, buy wordpress credits (this is the really weird/cumbersome part) so the blog goes to your 86vetteracer.com address, etc.

    rocksongblog.com is a blog I set-up for a buddy of mine that started with wordpress like you did.

    • Thanks. i may change the name as I was just using as a user name and didn’t really know what the hell i was doing but I’ll figure it out along the way. Give me a shout when you get into town and we can go grab a few beers.

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